Academic Writings

Video Game Design and Kuhns Philosophy of Paradigms
Virtual Re-Embodiment: The Answer to User Presence in Video Games
The Essence of Technology
The True Context for Art
Aesthetic Experience as the Phenomenology of Free Will
A Platonic Critique of Democracy
The Aesthetic Experience of Dewy, Stolinz, and Bullough
Locke’s Logic on the State of War Emerging from the State of Nature
Hobbesian, Lockean, and Rousseauian Responses to Hume
Descartes and Pierce’s Fundamental Differences on Belief
William James on Belief and the Horns of Determinism
Rorty on Pragmatism vs Realism
Anthropological Modes of Health and Healing: Shamanism
Introduction to Consciousness from Cognitive Science
Implicit Bias and the Use of Evidentialism vs Reliabilism
American Practices as Ritualistic
Anthropological Studies on Various Subjects
Childhood, Schizophrenia, Incest Taboo, Universality of Marriage
Wirth vs Harvey on Urbanism
Flaws in Athenian Arguments from the Melian Dialouge
An Introductory History of Musical Therapy
Critically Responding to Thrasymachus’ Conception of Justice
Isolation and Connection in Urban Space
Memes as Hate Speech

Future Research