Should Christians study and interact with philosophy? In the times we live in, it may be needed to fortify our faith and have the intellectual tools necessary to spread the gospel in a broken world. In the Piouspodium we step up to talk about arguments for God's existence, different world views proposed by philosophers, and movements of philosophy that have shaped history.

Christians and Philosophy: Sworn Enemies or Long-Lost Friends?
Should Christians study philosophy? If we aren’t then we can just ignore it and move on with our lives. But what if we are? If so, everything hangs in the balance. How then shall we interact with philosophy and honor God with our intellect? Listen in to find out. Video
Mapping the Landscape: Different Christian Approaches to Philosophy
Christians are called to interact with philosophy to honor God with their intellect. But how exactly should we? Many before us have grappled with the question to lay down a framework to do just that. Today we talk about the two main approaches known as the Classical and Presuppositional Approaches.
Battle of Titans: Classical vs. Presuppositional Apologetics
Both approaches to philosophy claim to be the right way that Christians should adopt. But which should we use in the apologetic battlefield? Tune in to hear how both defend their path and attack the other. It’s Classical vs Presuppositional. Video Audio
Tools of the Trade: Logic for Argumentation
Have you ever wanted to study philosophy? Or maybe you need to write a structured paper or are reading one. Even in everyday conversations we happen to use the tool of Logic to express and understand the world and others. Come listen to an Introductory episode on the greatest tool
That’s Cap: How Do We Analyze Arguments?
All around us we hear arguments. Political debates, academic debates and even common day conversations try to communicate and convince us of things. In logic we have a way of sifting through tricks and sloppiness in our reasoning that all people can sharpen. If you want to better understand how
Christian Metaphysics and the Dismantling of Materialism
In the sub-discipline of Metaphysics, philosophers talk about reality: what things exist, why things exist, and the complexity of how our universe is arranged. Today we overview this discipline and get straight into things. With topics of evolution, free will and more, the Piouspodium takes on the p…
Triads and Perspectives: A Framework for Inquiry
Christian philosophy should base itself on the nature of God. And if God’s nature is trinitarian, how does that play into the way we study and speak about truth? In today’s episode we take the idea of looking at subjects through triads to understand the unity and diversity of our
A Just Plumbline: Building a Correct Ethical System
Ethics asks about what is right and what we ought to do. But seriously, how should we live? In a world that is desiring justice, ethics is an important plumbline that centers all we do. Our legal systems and now business and A.I look to ethical discussions to inform
Talking about Truth: Epistemology and Perspectives
The sub discipline of philosophy called epistemology is key to our acquisition of knowledge. When we talk about what is true, in any realm (science, politics, ethics), we must be justified and certain of our truths. Epistemology is then just as important in undermining other worldviews and cavalier…
The Truth about Truth: Epistemology and Perspectives
Part two of an introduction to epistemology! When we talk about what is true, in any realm (science, politics, ethics), we must be justified and certain of our truths. We clarify how we justify and where our justification comes from. Tune in to hear how Christians should philosophically understand t…