About Me

About Me

Primordially, I am a son of God who works in the function of pastor at my local church. That calling has led me to be a teacher of the Word, a composer of worship music, and a content creator on apologetics and the Christian life. My bachelors' studies in Philosophy and Jurisprudence and minor in Anthropology have deeply empowered that calling. Within the many "hats" I put on in my life, this page exists as a biography of all I do and will do.

What You'll Find

  • My podcast: Piouspodium where all of my apologetical thoughts are shared. We go over arguments for God's existence, different world views proposed by philosophers, and movements of philosophy that have shaped history. (New Worship Podcast soon)
  • My blog: Divine Logos where I write down whatever intriguing thoughts I find worth posting. It will be mostly me geeking out over details I can't delve into on my podcast about connections between philosophical and theological thought.
  • You'll also find some supplementary material from my old academic work, some newer current research, and book projects.

Random Business

  • Currently finding a passion in investing.
  • I actively work on creating music, both for myself and others.
  • I stream video games on Twitch.tv on Saturday nights.


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